Generating long-term performance under the impact of uncertainty and risk

Perspectives: Special edition 2015

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Investors having to cope with pressures on long-term interest rates

Emerging debt is back in fashion

In this video, Christophe Donay, Head of Strategy for Pictet Wealth Management, explains why emerging debt could benefit from a temporary coincidental re-synchronisation of economic growth.
The April 2015 edition of Perspectives is now available

World’s major economic blocs out of sync with each other

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Euro area: slight acceleration in Q1 GDP growth

GDP growth in line with consensus expectations Economic activity for the whole euro area expanded for an eighth consecutive quarter in Q1. Indeed, according to Eurostat’s preliminary estimate, real GDP in the euro area grew by 0.4% q-o-q (1.6% q-o-q annualised and 1.0% y-o-y) in Q1, after expanding by 0.3% q-o-q in Q4. Disappointing read-out […]

US core retail sales: disappointing once again

Today’s retail sales report was once again disappointing. However, core retail sales did show some modest improvement in April compared with Q1, and we remain optimistic about future consumption growth. Nominal total retail sales were flat m-o-m in April, below consensus expectations for a 0.2% increase. However, March’s number was revised up from +0.9% to +1.1%. […]

Greece will test the limits

Swinging between hope and despair Recent events in the Greek saga have blown hot and cold. As expected, Monday’s Eurogroup meeting brought little material progress despite acknowledgement that some steps have been made. On the positive side, the Greek authorities have honoured the €750m reimbursement to the IMF. Previously, the decree to seize local authorities’ cash […]

Investors having to cope with pressures on long-term interest rates

The merits of private equity Depending on the example taken, private equity (shares in unquoted companies) is seen as either an opaque and expensive investment for an unpredictable outcome, or as a safe and compelling investment that allows one to invest in known companies with a clearly identified economic function over which one exercises control, […]

US job creation in line with expectations in April

US job creation was healthier in April 2015 than in March, and the unemployment rate declined further. However, growth in labour income seems to have lost some of its momentum. Non-farm payroll employment rose by a more robust 223,000 m-o-m in April 2015, in line with consensus expectations (228,000). However, March’s figure was revised down […]

Industrial activity in the euro area: strong first quarter, but mixed data for March

National data for the four biggest economies suggest that euro area industrial production (excluding construction) fell in March (-0.2% m-o-m). However, on a quarterly basis, industrial activity in France, Italy and Spain accelerated strongly in Q1. In contrast, data (factory orders, industrial production and trade) for Germany suggest a slowdown, partly explained by weak global […]

Combination of QE and improving leading indicators triggers a rout for Bunds

The defining characteristic of the global economy over the past couple of years has been desynchronisation, in economic cycles and in policy responses. The resultant uncertainty has driven down yields on developed-economy sovereign bonds. But, by coincidence, the major economies will be temporarily aligned over the next few months, as growth and headline inflation pick […]

United States: ISM indices pointing to robust growth so far in the second quarter

The ISM Manufacturing index stabilised m-o-m in April, whereas its Non-Manufacturing counterpart climbed noticeably. Together, they point to US economic growth running at slightly more than 3.5% so far in Q2. We remain optimistic on the US economy. The ISM Manufacturing index stabilised in April The ISM Manufacturing survey for April 2015 was published on […]

Euro area: inflation and interest rates

A slightly stronger German inflation report and a weak 5-year Bund auction seem to have succeeded in radically reshaping the financial world: from one where a lack of sovereign bonds might have forced the ECB to taper its QE towards an environment where European governments could run into difficulties trying to allocate their bonds. Does […]

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