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Equity investing strategies

In 2014, year-to-date, 87% of active U.S. equity managers are under performing their Index. Does this mean that stock picking is dead? Not necessarily, but investors have to understand 3 fundamental equity investment strategies before deciding the route to follow.
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Quantitative easing at a crossroads

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Germany: weak growth likely to continue in the fourth quarter

The second release of German Q3 real GDP confirmed the preliminary estimate of 0.1% q-o-q growth (0.3% q-o-q annualised) consistent with a y-o-y figure of 1.2%, slowing down from 1.4% in Q2. It comes after a GDP contraction in Q2 (-0.1% q-o-q). Demand is clearly split between positive contributors (exports, private and public consumption) and […]

United States: growth in consumption only moderate so far in the fourth quarter

Although the Q3 consumption growth rate was revised up, October’s data were disappointing. However, on the back of the positive impact on real income from the sharp fall in gasoline prices, we continue to expect that growth in consumer spending will prove quite robust overall in Q4. Consumer spending data disappointing in October Real personal […]

Entrepreneur summit

I am delighted to introduce this Pictet Briefing, which presents the highlights from Pictet’s first Entrepreneur Summit, held in Geneva in September 2014. This one-and-a-half day event was designed to bring together entrepreneurs to describe their different and unique journeys and speak about how they had solved the challenges along the way. It also provided an […]

Next generation seminar

Welcome to this edition of Pictet Briefing, which presents highlights from Pictet’s Next Generation 2014 seminar, held in Geneva in late August. It brought together a lively group of young people who are facing choices about their future responsibilities. To help in making these choices, the seminar devoted its first day to encouraging them to […]

Switzerland: the gold initiative, the Swiss franc and the SNB

Uncertainty surrounding the upcoming vote on the Swiss gold initiative is putting upward pressure on the franc. The initiative is likely to be rejected. However, even if it is approved, we believe the Swiss National Bank (SNB) would succeed at doing “whatever it takes” for the 1.20 floor to hold, even if it means making […]

Euro area: new orders data weigh on sentiment

PMI survey readings came out weaker than expected in November, suggesting that euro area GDP growth is likely to remain tepid in Q4. The deterioration is characterised by a marked downturn in new orders. These developments tend to confirm our below-consensus GDP growth forecasts. This environment will add to pressure for the European authorities to do […]

US shale oil and gas have reshuffled the cards in the world energy industry

Apart from the technological breakthroughs that helped ‘crack the code’ to unlock the reserves of shale oil, this phenomenon has proved most striking because of not just the unexpected nature of the revolution, but also the shockwaves sent through the world oil industry. Its repercussions will be a combination of both the temporary, on the […]

Stock markets expose their vulnerable side

For once, October turned out to be tough month for equity markets. An abrupt upsurge of fears about economies led, in the space of just five trading days, to a 5.4% slump in the S&P 500 in mid-month. It has recovered handsomely since, bouncing back by 8.3%.

Japan: PM Abe calls a snap election and delays the second tax hike

GDP showed a surprise contraction in Q3, confirming that the Japanese economy was badly hurt by the sales tax hike. Today, Prime Minister Abe postponed the second sales tax hike and called a snap election next month. Overall, we continue to expect some moderate recovery in the Japanese economy over the course of next year, […]

US assets fuel ever-increasing investor interest

In contrast with the other leading economies in the developed world, Japan’s economy is enjoying the benefit of liquidity being pumped into it wholesale, which is influencing both the yen and shares in Tokyo. Japan stands out on account of the influential driver affecting how assets are behaving. Disparities in terms of economic growth argue […]

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