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In conversation with Mar Raventós

The oldest family business in Spain, which dates back more than 460 years, produced the first and the most famous brand of cava under the leadership of the founder’s descendants who are always striving to improve their wines.

Pictet on defensive equities

The food and beverages businesses in this issue of Pictet Report highlight the remarkable achievements of the entrepreneurs who have built them up — often over generations. But their success also reflects the characteristics of sectors that can offer attractive long-term returns with below-market volatility. Food and drink companies have been profitable sectors to invest in […]

In conversation with William Heinecke

The American-born founder of one of the largest hospitality and leisure groups in the Asia-Pacific region has faced many challenges since starting his first business while still at school, but continues to look for gaps in the market that he can fill. There are many wealthy entrepreneurs in Thailand, but one who stands out from […]

In conversation with INSEAD Craig Smith

Consumer product companies may be penalised if they ignore customers’ concerns over sustainability issues and practices seen as socially irresponsible, according to a leading business school expert on corporate ethics.

Reflections on the institutional investment process

Howard Marks, chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, lists six core values to be applied in the investment process: The first is whether the organisation thinks markets are efficient or inefficient. Marks states that prices in most markets accurately reflect consensus opinion based on the available information. But he does not believe that all assets are priced […]

Greece: risks for the eurozone are mainly political rather than economic

Greece could still stay in the eurozone. In any case, neither a no nor a yes in the referendum on Sunday will end uncertainty with regards to the euro crisis. We expect that bank holidays and capital controls in Greece will be enough to contain the situation until the likely referendum – if not, the […]

The Entrepreneurs Series, Munich

In this edition of The Entrepreneur Series, we meet with Munich based entrepreneurs to establish how old school tradition of craft and local heritage meet unparalleled industrial design and tech field innovation.

Quantitative investment management: a brief insight

What is quantitative investment management? A simple analogy would be with a three-stage space rocket where all stages are as important and as crucial. The first stage involves pinpointing the signals, those indicators that will prompt a decision to buy or sell an asset. The second stage requires an examination of the signals detected, understanding […]

Greece: update from our euro area economist

The cash balance Greece currently has available should be enough to cover the EUR2.5bn payment of remaining salaries and pensions for June. If withdrawals by depositors continue, the ECB could make up the shortfall through the ELA (Emergency Liquidity Assistance) facility. Banks currently have enough collateral to meet ELA increases. Unrest is not palpable on […]

The food, beverage and hospitality industry

The food and beverage industry is one that is highly favoured by many investors. Shares in its companies can offer attractive returns over the longer term, with less volatility than those of other sectors. Because of their non-cyclical features, food and beverage companies are often described as defensive investments that retain their value in good […]

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