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On the eve of 2015, oil and the US economy are already dictating the shape of investment

The oil price collapse is consistent with the long-standing themes in our Secular Trends Every year in November we review and update our Secular Trends publication. In simple terms, our prognosis for the decade favours – and has favoured – developed markets over emerging markets, the dollar over the euro, and technology over commodities. At […]

Art and entertainment

The creative world of arts, crafts and entertainment is often seen as differing from more conventional business sectors. Yet as this issue of Pictet Report demonstrates, those who are successful in their chosen fields share many of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They work very hard, they are passionate about what they do, they pursue […]

In conversation with Firoz Rasul, president of the Aga Khan University

Firoz Rasul, President of the Aga Khan University presents in this interview the work of the centre of knowledge founded by the Aga Khan. This purpose of this unique university is to help the underpriveleged in developing countries improve their lives. This interview was captured during the Pictet Family Consilium, a unique setup bringing together […]

Entrepreneur summit

I am delighted to introduce this Pictet Briefing, which presents the highlights from Pictet’s first Entrepreneur Summit, held in Geneva in September 2014. This one-and-a-half day event was designed to bring together entrepreneurs to describe their different and unique journeys and speak about how they had solved the challenges along the way. It also provided an […]

Next generation seminar

Welcome to this edition of Pictet Briefing, which presents highlights from Pictet’s Next Generation 2014 seminar, held in Geneva in late August. It brought together a lively group of young people who are facing choices about their future responsibilities. To help in making these choices, the seminar devoted its first day to encouraging them to […]

Equity investing strategies

In 2014, year-to-date, 87% of active U.S. equity managers are under performing their Index. Does this mean that stock picking is dead? Not necessarily, but investors have to understand 3 fundamental equity investment strategies before deciding the route to follow.

US shale oil and gas have reshuffled the cards in the world energy industry

Apart from the technological breakthroughs that helped ‘crack the code’ to unlock the reserves of shale oil, this phenomenon has proved most striking because of not just the unexpected nature of the revolution, but also the shockwaves sent through the world oil industry. Its repercussions will be a combination of both the temporary, on the […]

Stock markets expose their vulnerable side

For once, October turned out to be tough month for equity markets. An abrupt upsurge of fears about economies led, in the space of just five trading days, to a 5.4% slump in the S&P 500 in mid-month. It has recovered handsomely since, bouncing back by 8.3%.

Quantitative easing at a crossroads

The effects of changes to QE are not linear The era of unconventional monetary policy began after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank in September 2009. One of the most controversial aspects of this policy is the direct purchase of assets by central banks, commonly known as quantitative easing or QE. At the […]

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