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Next generation seminar

Welcome to this edition of Pictet Briefing, which presents highlights from Pictet’s Next Generation 2014 seminar, held in Geneva in late August. It brought together a lively group of young people who are facing choices about their future responsibilities. To help in making these choices, the seminar devoted its first day to encouraging them to […]

Equity investing strategies

In 2014, year-to-date, 87% of active U.S. equity managers are under performing their Index. Does this mean that stock picking is dead? Not necessarily, but investors have to understand 3 fundamental equity investment strategies before deciding the route to follow.

US shale oil and gas have reshuffled the cards in the world energy industry

Apart from the technological breakthroughs that helped ‘crack the code’ to unlock the reserves of shale oil, this phenomenon has proved most striking because of not just the unexpected nature of the revolution, but also the shockwaves sent through the world oil industry. Its repercussions will be a combination of both the temporary, on the […]

Stock markets expose their vulnerable side

For once, October turned out to be tough month for equity markets. An abrupt upsurge of fears about economies led, in the space of just five trading days, to a 5.4% slump in the S&P 500 in mid-month. It has recovered handsomely since, bouncing back by 8.3%.

Quantitative easing at a crossroads

The effects of changes to QE are not linear The era of unconventional monetary policy began after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank in September 2009. One of the most controversial aspects of this policy is the direct purchase of assets by central banks, commonly known as quantitative easing or QE. At the […]

US dollar penalising commodities

The strong dollar brought about a noticeable drop in commodity prices, with the knock-on effect of causing commodity currencies to fall as well. Prices of precious metals also floundered, with palladium plummeting by as much as 13% in September.

Our concerns on Latam health

Brazil is driving concerns about the solidity of Latam economic health. This short graphic animation highlights the difference of growth between Brazil and China to illustrate the regional issues in Latin America.

In conversation with Inma Shara

The young Spanish maestro says that conducting a symphony orchestra requires leadership, generosity, a self-critical attitude and recognition of common interests which gives meaning to life and strengthens society. From her earliest days, Inma Shara knew that music would be a part of her life. Although she could hardly imagine herself ending up as a […]

Equities corrected. Now what?

In the last 12 sessions, equities have experienced a kind of mini crash, erasing the year-to-date gains on most indices. We need to take a step back and try to make some sense of the recent market action to define the strategy which will make or break performance for the last two months of the year.

Equity markets undermined by mounting risks

Asset management in the era of big data While the departure of the ‘bond king’ Bill Gross at Pimco has dominated headlines in the asset management industry, behind the scenes, leaders are worrying about possible future competition from tech giants such as Google, Facebook or Alibaba. But what is there to fear, a priori, from […]

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