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Our concerns on Latam health

Brazil is driving concerns about the solidity of Latam economic health. This short graphic animation highlights the difference of growth between Brazil and China to illustrate the regional issues in Latin America.

In conversation with Inma Shara

The young Spanish maestro says that conducting a symphony orchestra requires leadership, generosity, a self-critical attitude and recognition of common interests which gives meaning to life and strengthens society. From her earliest days, Inma Shara knew that music would be a part of her life. Although she could hardly imagine herself ending up as a […]

Equities corrected. Now what?

In the last 12 sessions, equities have experienced a kind of mini crash, erasing the year-to-date gains on most indices. We need to take a step back and try to make some sense of the recent market action to define the strategy which will make or break performance for the last two months of the year.

Equity markets undermined by mounting risks

Asset management in the era of big data While the departure of the ‘bond king’ Bill Gross at Pimco has dominated headlines in the asset management industry, behind the scenes, leaders are worrying about possible future competition from tech giants such as Google, Facebook or Alibaba. But what is there to fear, a priori, from […]

Guy Laliberté

The founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, has pledgedC$100m from his personal foundation to support the establishment of One Drop, an international initiative to ensure that water is accessible to everyone.

A small group of asset classes doing well

Equities: Rallies betraying greater discrimination After turning in an outstanding performance in recent months, European equities stalled somewhat in June as investors’ attention refocused on Japan.  US and European equities have advanced by around 7% in the year to date even though, during June, Europe gave up all of its lead over Wall Street built […]

In conversation with Quincy Jones

On a visit to Switzerland in the summer of 2013, the legendary African-American impresario talks about his approach to the music industry, his social activism and his continuing involvement in what he describes as the ‘Rolls-Royce of festivals’.

Fed and ECB not in sync

Eight years after its launch, the structural abnormality captured by the “Distrusted 50″ strategy remains intact and a hedged implementation that mitigates exposure to market risk still makes much sense.

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