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Brexit risks

Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist, explains how markets are pricing in the risk of Brexit, and what the economic impact would be.

Navigating through rollercoaster markets

April insights from Pictet Wealth Management's Asset Allocation & Macro Research team The current decline in US profit margins would usually herald a recession. The continued decline in earnings expectations is a concern, and suggests limited upside for equities. But if the resources sector is stripped out, the trend is much less worrying. Moreover, fears of […]

China: Something has to give

China could well attain growth of 6.5-7% this year and next, but longer out there are reasons to doubt that China will avoid its own ‘Minsky moment’

In the April issue of ‘Perspectives’

In the April issue of Perspectives, Christophe Donay, head of macroeconomic research at Pictet, argues that the Chinese fiscal and monetary authorities still have plentiful resources to ensure that China achieves a growth rate of 6.5-7.0% this year and next. But China will sooner or later face Donay’s version of a ‘financial trilemma’ stemming from […]

Commodity stress abates, but concerns persist

After large market swings in the first quarter, our baseline scenario for 2016 remains intact: we continue to see an absence of momentum for financial markets due to a lack of earnings growth, limited upside due to already rich valuations, and recurring spikes in volatility. In this environment, an active tactical asset allocation is key, in […]

In conversation with Dr Richard Isaacson

One of the biggest challenges facing medicine as populations age is the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s, the target of considerable investment in research which has yet to find a cure for patients with this distressing condition. But a pioneering Alzheimer’s prevention clinic at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center offers cutting-edge prevention strategies that can […]

Hedge funds: US value strikes back?

Amid slowing growth worldwide, growth stocks have outperformed value both in the US and Europe in the past decade and have been a profitable bet in long/short managers' books. There are some inherent differences in what value stocks represent in the two regions. Looking at the composition of the MSCI US and Europe Value indices, […]

Playing the rebound in equity markets

Alexandre Tavazzi, Chief Equity Strategist, explains the key choices faced by investors seeking to profit from the current market rebound.

Financial markets looking for a second wind

The global economy has undergone a regime shift, as economic reflation programmes put in place by central banks since 2009 have gradually become less effective.

Corporate bonds: February marked by singularly high volatility

Spreads on corporate bonds widened quite noticeably in February: those on US high-yield issues hit highs not seen since 2011 before narrowing again as China-related fears, worries over the oil price and concern about banks' profitability diminished. The energy and mining sectors were both boosted by the rise in the oil price to USD34 a […]

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