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In conversation with David Sin

A Singapore group has become a leading supplier of comprehensive health services to businesses and health insurers in the Asia-Pacific region, helping keep patients out of hospital though preventative healthcare. Providing healthcare for all their citizens is a key issue for Asian governments. The populations of countries such as India, China and Indonesia are rapidly […]

In conversation with Seiji Ozawa

After a distinguished career conducting famous orchestras all over the world, the Japanese maestro has founded international academies that help young instrumentalists develop their potential by playing chamber music. From a young age, Seiji Ozawa was destined for a career as a classical musician. Born in 1935 to Japanese parents in China, he made a promising […]

Chinese equities new sell-off sends jitters across global financial markets

The recent Chinese equity market jitters are a new manifestation of the uncertainty surrounding the shift in China’s economic model, which implies a slowdown in growth and volatility in economic and financial data. The fear of a rise in these risks exacerbates investor sentiment, leading to the kind of market movements observed in the first […]

Financial markets, volatility and asset allocation

Lacklustre dynamics in the global economic cycle are having a knock-on effect on corporate profits and generating increased volatility in financial markets. Volatility is likely to settle at higher levels in 2016. That has prompted us to employ a balanced strategic allocation – roughly half and half, on average, in equities and bonds. Tactical approaches […]

In conversation with Benoît Dubuis

The Director of Geneva’s Campus Biotech is creating a new biotechnology and medical technology centre, bringing together different disciplines to find treatments that will save lives and improve the quality of life for patients. Since the beginning of modern pharmacology, the treatment of patients has relied on advances in medicine and biology to devise therapies […]

Health and technology

Health matters to all of us: we want to live longer and better lives as our standards of living rise. In this issue of Pictet Report, we take a look at some exciting developments in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and at new models for providing affordable and accessible healthcare. The most significant factor […]

2016: growth, but no momentum

Growth is gradually normalising as cyclical weaknesses abate, and we expect fairly healthy rates of economic growth in developed economies in 2016. Moreover, we believe that an innovation shock could boost growth in the coming years — and indeed that a technological innovation shock has already begun, although its effects are still concentrated on certain sectors for now.

ECB: Further easing could follow

The ECB’s latest easing package fell short of market expectations. However, the ECB may well act again during 2016.

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