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Gauging the economic plans of U.S. presidential candidates

Both main candidates in the US presidential election have outlined their plans in numerous areas. Whoever wins, both are promising to raise government spending, especially on infrastructure. Writing in the October issue of Perspectives, Pictet Wealth Management’s chief economist Bernard Lambert outlines various scenarios. Should Hilary Clinton win the presidency but the Democrats fail to […]

Piero Gandini

My father gave me a lot of responsibility for the development of the Flos brand, and also the freedom to make mistakes – a most precious gift.

Private equity, an antidote to prospect of weak returns?

The summer months were good for risk assets, though things may get bumpier in the months ahead. But alongside this study in chiaroscuro, the September issue of Perspectives offers a brighter picture of investment opportunities. Pictet chief strategist Christophe Donay admits that “prospects for portfolio returns look far weaker than they did in the past” […]

Marie-Amélie Jacquet

We spend a lot of time discussing governance, finding ways to talk together so that we can speak with one voice. It’s a lot of work, but we all get along together — which is not always the case with large family businesses

Anna Zegna

Zegna fabrics quickly became one of Italy’s most acclaimed exports, and the company is now the world’s largest luxury menswear brand.

Olivier Creed

Creed stands out as a discreet family-owned perfume house which is dedicated to the creation of highly original fragrances of extravagant quality

Carole Hübscher

People write less in everyday life, yet everyone has a pen or pencil on their desk

In conversation with Peter Diamandis

Entrepreneur Peter Diamandis presents his views on ‘moonshot thinking’, taking on challenges that had previously been seen as insoluble.

Maximilian J. Riedel

The grape-specific glasses can cover only the most popular varieties — there are 1,200 red wine grape varieties alone worldwide

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