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A small group of asset classes doing well

Equities: Rallies betraying greater discrimination After turning in an outstanding performance in recent months, European equities stalled somewhat in June as investors’ attention refocused on Japan.  US and European equities have advanced by around 7% in the year to date even though, during June, Europe gave up all of its lead over Wall Street built […]

In conversation with Quincy Jones

On a visit to Switzerland in the summer of 2013, the legendary African-American impresario talks about his approach to the music industry, his social activism and his continuing involvement in what he describes as the ‘Rolls-Royce of festivals’.

Fed and ECB not in sync

Eight years after its launch, the structural abnormality captured by the “Distrusted 50″ strategy remains intact and a hedged implementation that mitigates exposure to market risk still makes much sense.

Pictet on Asia: Locomotive of the global economy

After remarkable economic growth in recent years, Asia’s emerging markets face new challenges. But there are grounds for optimism about the prospects over the medium to long
term, according to three of Pictet’s investment experts

Focus on Asia

Napoleon is reported to have said that when China awoke, the world would shake. This has proved prophetic: since turning outwards 35 years ago, the Chinese economy has grown at an unprecedented rate and is expected to become the world’s largest economy within the next two decades. Other emerging markets in Asia have also grown […]

Equities bubble? Or not?

As markets reached new highs in June, many wonder if we are heading for a serious market correction. In this video, Yves Bonzon, Chief Investment Officer at Pictet Wealth Management gives his views on that topic.

Much debate over the direction of the world economy and financial markets

Reversion to the mean: a matter of when, not if The new record high of America's S&P 500 index in nominal terms has revived the debate on the possible overvaluation of stock markets. Equities are seen as totally disconnected from the real economy due to the intended consequences of unconventional monetary policy, specifically the inflation […]

In conversation with Victorinox

The family company which started making knives for the Swiss army more than a century ago is now run by the great-grandson of the founder — having diversified from knives and cutlery into timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances.

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