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Safe-haven assets beating a retreat

Gold and bonds regarded as being the most secure, like US Treasuries or German Bunds, lost ground in February as they reacted to hopes of a favourable outcome to talks between Greece and eurozone authorities.

New paradigm of negative interest rates raises a number of issues

Two ways to manage negative rates Some believed that the race towards monetary easing had reached its climax with quantitative easing (QE) and the zero interest-rate policy. Yet against all odds, a further stage occurred with the introduction of negative interest rates in the eurozone, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. In the process, the yield to […]

In conversation with Thaddaeus Ropac

An Austrian with a passion for Contemporary Art opened a gallery in Salzburg in 1983 which soon attracted a new generation of artists. With two more galleries in Paris, he now represents some 60 famous artists around the world. For a man who tried to become an artist as a young man, Thaddaeus Ropac has […]

In conversation with Bernar Venet

The renowned creator of giant sculptures and paintings featuring mathematical concepts, who grew up in difficult circumstances in a remote French village, continues to explore new artistic forms in his eighth decade. Many artists come from humble origins, but Bernar Venet’s were more humble than most. He grew up in a small village in south-east […]

Sub-zero interest rates paradigm

In this video, Yves Bonzon, Chief Investment Officer for Pictet Wealth Management, explains how negative interest rates impact the economy and what countries will outperform in this new paradigm.

2015 has already delivered some surprising twists and turns

To start with, the SNB removed its cap on the Swiss franc on 15 January, followed a week later by the ECB’s announcement of its QE package. After the slump in the oil price, the world of investment in 2015 is full of fresh opportunities and new risks.

In conversation with Emmanuel Renaut

In a ski resort high in the French Alps, the Flocons de Sel restaurant in Megève has been awarded the coveted three Michelin stars for the cuisine of its talented and innovative chef.

On the eve of 2015, oil and the US economy are already dictating the shape of investment

The oil price collapse is consistent with the long-standing themes in our Secular Trends Every year in November we review and update our Secular Trends publication. In simple terms, our prognosis for the decade favours – and has favoured – developed markets over emerging markets, the dollar over the euro, and technology over commodities. At […]

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