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Deceptive calm

Market calm is deceptive: concerns about turns in the monetary cycle are being expressed in forex rather than equities.

House View, September 2017

Asset allocation There are two ways to hedge geopolitical risk: buying gold or buying protection for portfolios. We prefer the latter, to take advantage of current low volatility and because gold’s gains so far this year reflect the depreciation of the dollar. We remain constructive on DM equities, particularly the euro area and Japan. We […]

Responsible Investing

At Pictet, Sustainability and Responsibility have always been integral to the philosophy that is engrained across all our activities, helping us to confront the challenges posed by powerful disruptive forces currently reshaping the global economy, which investors cannot afford to ignore. Many companies describe themselves as responsible corporate citizens. No doubt many are. But at […]

Hacking into the brain to change human behaviour

A former hacker has become a neuroscientist whose research into the human brain is revealing how memory works, the meaning of dreams and the role of the subconscious in making decisions and shaping human behaviour. Professor Moran Cerf began his career in Israeli military intelligence as a professional hacker. After four years in the army, […]

Bounties for bug-hunters make the internet safer

HackerOne’s network of more than 100,000 ethical hackers can help online organisations eradicate vulnerabilities in their internet systems that could be exploited by criminals, says Mårten Mickos, its Chief Executive Officer Barely a month goes by without reports of large companies and government bodies suffering cyber-attacks by criminal hackers and other hostile organisations. A USD92 […]

The importance of independent validation

Geneva-based SGS provides teams of experts to help businesses become faster, simpler and more efficient,  ensuring compliance with fast-evolving global standards and local regulations that protect customers and consumers. In the early days of SGS, the company specialised in inspecting shipments of grain arriving in large French ports from elsewhere in Europe, North America and […]

Monthly Investment Strategy Highlights, August 2017

Asset allocation We retain a slight overweight in DM equities owing to good fundamentals, but it is especially important at present to be well protected against downside risk. Markets appear unduly complacent, and volatility could rise in the coming months. This will create opportunities for tactical trading and especially hedge funds. Low correlations and a […]

Ensuring the protection of confidential data until the end

Two entrepreneurs who created a service which shreds paper documents on-site for clients have developed techniques for destroying redundant hard drives, putting the information they hold beyond the reach of competitors and criminals. There is much talk in business of “the paperless office”, but as technology advances, more and more paper is used in the […]

How world war two code-breaking laid the foundations for today’s cyber warfare

British code-breakers gave the UK and US a vital advantage in the second world war by deciphering the  enemy’s secret communications with techniques that were the precursors of modern computer technologies. Bletchley, an unremarkable town north of London, was known until the 1970s mainly as a railway junction. But a book published in 1974 revealed […]

Why people divulge confidential information

Most people say they want to keep their personal information private, according to Professor Leslie John of Harvard Business School, but in practice they will reveal it for often trivial reasons or to win the approval of others. Privacy is an issue of great sensitivity in a digital age. Many people go to considerable lengths […]

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