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In the June 2016 issue of ‘Perspectives’

Will Knut Wicksell be proved right? The Swede’s theories include the notion that there is a ‘natural’ level of interest rates, consistent with the economy operating at its full potential without overheating. But the actions of central banks have forced interest rates to artificially low levels in recent times, well below their ‘natural’ levels. If […]

Central banks face test of credibility

Central banks contributed to halting the financial crisis (starting with the US Federal Reserve’s first quantitative easing package, launched in late 2008), with successive rate cuts helping companies and households in the West to deleverage. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) and European Central Bank (ECB) followed with aggressive policies at a later stage, when the […]

Multi-Generational Wealth

The third edition of the Latam Family Office Master Class took place in Nassau from 4 to 6 April 2016, with more than 60 guests in attendance. This event was a great success, built around trends, workshops and exchanges of new ideas in the family office industry.

GDP forecast for Europe maintained, revised slightly down for United States

The conditions that we identified at the start of the year for a market rebound all subsequently fell into place: support from major central banks was forthcoming, the Chinese economy and the oil price stabilised, the US dollar bull trend paused, and systemic risk declined. Valuations have duly recovered. Now, banks need to start performing […]

Nathalie Flury & Tazio Storni

Health spending is rising around the world, driven by demographic pressures and economic growth which together create powerful incentives for innovation that boosts the earnings of healthcare companies

Dr David Agus

Dr David Agus is a leading cancer doctor, pioneering biomedical researcher and best-selling author who sees the human body as a complex system and has developed new approaches to treating diseases and leading a healthier life

Brexit risks

Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist, explains how markets are pricing in the risk of Brexit, and what the economic impact would be.

Navigating through rollercoaster markets

April insights from Pictet Wealth Management's Asset Allocation & Macro Research team The current decline in US profit margins would usually herald a recession. The continued decline in earnings expectations is a concern, and suggests limited upside for equities. But if the resources sector is stripped out, the trend is much less worrying. Moreover, fears of […]

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