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House View, November 2017

Asset allocation We remain constructive on equities, which are being underpinned in particular by robust earnings growth. However, there are signs of pressure, especially in forex markets, and occasional spikes in volatility are likely, notably as a result of geopolitical risk. It is worth considering risk mitigation for portfolios put options on equity indices are […]

What does thinking sustainably really mean?

Stephen Barber digs into the foundations of sustainable investment. Humans are not, by nature, very sustainable. We collapse and dissolve all too soon. It’s because life is so desperately brief for all of us that a capacity to think and act sustainably is such a daunting task – yet, when achieved, it is also a deeply […]

Keeping a jewellery business in the family

Two sixth-generation members of the Boghossian family are continuing to develop high-end jewellery with their father and uncle, blending Eastern and Western cultures to create contemporary masterpieces. In the exclusive world of high-end jewellers, the Geneva-based Boghossian House is making waves with stunning pieces of fine and high jewellery that reflect its Armenian heritage. Now […]

Voyages promoting peace and sustainable development

Peace Boat, founded by a group of Japanese students over three decades ago, sails around the world, enabling people to engage across borders, fostering dialogue and mutual cooperation – a floating bridge between cultures The world faces many serious challenges, such as armed conflicts, nuclear threats, poverty, disease and environmental threats – and finding solu­tions […]

Adios bankers, hello robots?

Olivier Capt says that technology will transform the wealth management industry, leading to higher client engagement, better advice and superior service. Winston Churchill once said: ‘Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.’ This is exactly what technology is driving today. Intense simplification is at work in all industries and customers now purchase, book, compare and […]

Investing in a new sustainable economy

The former UN climate chief who presided over the negotiations that led to the 2015 Paris agreement on global warming is now urging investors, businesses and policymakers to grab ‘the opportunity of the century’ and invest in an economy-wide transition to a low carbon world. Words like ‘2020’, ‘milestones’ and ‘optimism’ which are scribbled on […]

Passive investing threatens the sustainability of our capital markets

Renaud de Planta argues that if the majority of investors embrace index funds, they are likely to lead to less efficient markets and weaker corporate governance. To its growing band of proponents, passive investing is looked on as a panacea. Equity tracker funds, we’re told, will rid the finan­cial market of toxic elements and restore […]

The art of ambidextrous family enterprise leadership

Ivan Lansberg and Wendy Ulaszek say that in addition to running the company, an integral part of a successful family enterprise leader’s job is tending to the needs of the family which owns the businesses, whether or not they are a family member During a recent meeting with the chief executive of a large family-owned […]

The Asian inside story

Kyongchol (Richard) Kim, Managing Director of a Singapore-based single family office (SFO), describes how he came into his current role, what the investment strategy is, and the advice he would give to anyone thinking of setting up a family office. After working for a government-owned finan­cial institution in South Korea, Kim recognised that his country’s […]

Tomorrow’s investments

Real Estate expert and founder of Mack Real Estate Group Richard Mack tells Pictet’s Laurent Gabert about his latest ventures Although Mack Real Estate is a newcomer, you have been a leading investor in this field for decades. Could you describe your latest venture? In 2013, after selling the real estate private equity business AREA […]

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