How families can solve the Gordian knot of wealth

Grégoire Imfeld, Senior Relationship Manager at Pictet’s Family Office, gives insights on how to setup a sound governance on Family Business Wiki, a premier online resource for family business knowledge. The elaboration of a successful financial governance structure assumes that the family governance architecture is established and sound. Clearly setting a family strategy which defines […]

Just released: Pictet Report 10

The newest Pictet Report is available, download it and don’t forget you can easily subscribe to future editions! It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur, and young people today are in many ways ideally qualified to start and run businesses. Yet the retirement of the baby-boomer generation is raising troubling questions for many […]

The German economy confirms its resilience

The impact of Friday’s German Ifo business climate index release on financial markets is likely to remain limited as investors’ attention remains focused on the European periphery fiscal accounts. As a result, the Bund safe-haven status is likely to remain attractive while European periphery sovereigns and equities are likely to remain in their current middle […]

United States: healthy retail sales in the first quarter

Today’s figures show that retail sales increased by a strong 8.0% q-o-q annualised in the first quarter, following a 7.8% rise in Q4. With much higher than expected headlines figures, but slightly weaker than expected core numbers, today’s set of data should be considered as modestly bullish for risky assets. As far as we are concerned, […]

Inflation slowing in Brazil and China

Here are this month’s headline news from around the world. Find more analysis and views in this month’s Perspectives, available for online reading and downloading. Inflation slowing in Brazil and China Inflation rates have been coming down in several emerging nations, allowing monetary and political authorities to implement further measures geared towards supporting economic growth. […]

Financial markets in a quandary

On the one side, central banks in the developed world have continued to be highly accommodating, fuelling hopes of an economic recovery in the making and, by extension, encouraging greater risk-taking on financial markets. On the other side, the widespread deleveraging, which is deflationary by nature, is ongoing in both the US and Europe. Find […]

The reason why European banks underperform U.S. banks

The valuation of European banks and U.S. banks have varied greatly over the last 3 years. Recently, European banks have greatly underperformed their U.S. counterparts. Alexandre Tavazzi, head of advisory at Pictet, explains in this video how the central bank responses to the financial crisis have impacted the recent trading activity.

Financial markets cannot decide

Reflation or deflation? Virtuous economic recovery or downward spiral? Perceptions of prospects have swung back and forth over the past month. Judging by shifts in regime as regards correlations between asset classes, financial markets clearly cannot come to any hard and fast conclusions. Find more analysis and views in this month’s Perspectives, available for online […]

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