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Superior returns from intelligent machines

Advances in natural language understanding and generation will change the way that humans interact with computers and smartphones in sectors like healthcare – and also in personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri

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    Antonio Bicchi

    We will create robots which are no longer massive and rigid but softer, using plastics and elastic materials that resemble the structures found in human bodies

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      Andrew McAfee

      If anyone had asked us ten years ago to guess what would happen over the next ten years, we would have been deeply wrong

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        The age of intelligent machines

        Humankind is moving from an information age to the age of intelligent machines, with consequences for the world of work, the economy and society. The transition is driven by the explosion in the amount of digital data that is now available, artificial intelligence (AI) programmes that can analyse the data for the benefit of humanity, […]

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        Piero Gandini

        My father gave me a lot of responsibility for the development of the Flos brand, and also the freedom to make mistakes – a most precious gift.

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