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The relevance of hedge funds

Some people wonder if the hedge fund industry is less performant because it has reached full capacity. Nicolas Campiche gives his views and explains what we should expect for the future and why hedge funds have a role to play in portfolios. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to our videos in iTunes.

Spanish bailout: history repeating

Head of Advisory Alexandre Tavazzi explains why the markets continued on a downward path after the Spanish bailout plan was announced. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to our videos in iTunes.

Managing assets with the Eurozone debt crisis in mind

Chief Investment Officer Yves Bonzon explains in the video below how to best manage assets with the Eurozone debt crisis in mind. “We are getting very close to a potentially defining moment in the European crisis. The catalyst of course will be whether or not Greece stays in the common currency, a decision that might […]

Which assets in deleveraging times?

The deleveraging process is taking place in Europe and in the U.S. Although it is handled very differently on each side of the Atlantic (see our previous video), the fundamental forces in action call for specific choices of asset class. Chief Investment Officer Yves Bonzon explains on which assets investors need to focus in these […]

The reason why European banks underperform U.S. banks

The valuation of European banks and U.S. banks have varied greatly over the last 3 years. Recently, European banks have greatly underperformed their U.S. counterparts. Alexandre Tavazzi, head of advisory at Pictet, explains in this video how the central bank responses to the financial crisis have impacted the recent trading activity.

The Great Divergence: public debt and global growth

The economic environment from developed countries changed radically in 2008, shifting from the Great Moderation with stable public debt and growing economies to the Great Divergence where public debt and economic growth pull in different directions. Christophe Donay explains the reasons behind this shift and the impact for investors on their asset allocation.

Video insight: the new normal is non-normal

In this video, Yves Bonzon explains why Pictet is going to make important changes in the way it allocates funds in its asset allocation framework.

Are bonds still relevant in portfolios?

In a context of low interest rates, does it still make sense to hold bonds in portfolios? In the following video, Yves Bonzon, our Chief Investment Officer, addresses this issue by looking at employment, jobless claims and the returns of bonds vs. equities over the last 30 years.

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