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China facing daunting threat of a ‘Minsky Moment’

In this month’s Perspectives magazine: Yves Bonzon’s editorial outlook: The Fed’s bet Macroeconomics: Central banks breeding anxiety Strategy: Correction providing a strategic entry-point Headline news from around the world: Turkey and Australia under the cosh Asset classes: China and the US sewing seeds of discord Topic of the month: Ramifications of the crisis in China’s interbank market Key figures: Interest rates […]

The ECB abandons its mantra ‘to never pre-commit’

Amid rising interest rates imported from the United States and renewed tensions on sovereign debt due to the political crisis in Portugal, Mario Draghi yesterday had the difficult task of convincing the market that the ECB’s monetary policy will remain accommodative for a long period of time and that the Governing Council (GC) was still far from […]

In conversation with François-Paul Journe

Probably the most acclaimed watchmaker of the last decade, François-Paul Journe built in just 15 years a landmark brand in the watch industry. This short video, announcing a larger interview in the December edition of Pictet Report, summarises his tips for entrepreneurs.

In conversation with Bernard Liautaud, the software entrepreneur

The founder of a software company that was eventually sold for USD6.8 billion is now an investment partner in a leading venture capital firm, using his skills to identify the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and help them build their businesses. While completing his education at Stanford University in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, […]

Interview with Prof. Marc Giget

The founder of the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation says the world is at the beginning of a creative phase in which a wave of innovative products and services will emerge to meet the needs of people and society. How do you define innovation? It is the integration of state of the art knowledge […]

Disruptive technologies

  In this edition: Prof. Marc Giget, Insight on innovation Bernard Liautaud, The software entrepreneur Jonnie Goodwin and Brent Hoberman, The digital media investor and entrepreneur Prof. Pierre Magistretti, Insight on creativity Yossi Vardi, The high-tech entrepreneur Ricardo Salinas, A philanthropist Martin Lorentzon, The digital music entrepreneur Alexander Galitsky and Serguei Beloussov, The Russian venture capital entrepreneurs Christophe Donay, Pictet on innovation Download Pictet Report in […]

Shift in market regime: outweighing the onset of deflationary tendencies in Europe

In this edition: Editorial outlook: The impact of the rising dollar Macroeconomics: Global economy increasingly marked by contrasts Strategy: More strides down the road to normalisation Headline news from around the world: The US springing the surprises yet again Asset classes and currencies: Heightened risks for US Treasuries Topic of the month: On course for self-sustaining growth Key figures: Heightened risks for US […]

The US dollar is ready for a steady rise

Three different regimes rule the US dollar: depreciation, crisis and secular uptrend. Few investors realise that we have shifted into a secular uptrend regime and this will have consequences on asset clases one should hold in a portfolio of investments. In this video, Yves Bonzon describes the regimes and asset classes to favour at the […]

United States: astonishing acceleration in house price recovery

There are several indices measuring US house prices. The most commented on is the S&P Case-Shiller index, but our favourite is the CoreLogic home price index. This is the one used by the Fed to estimate real estate wealth, and it has the advantage of being published earlier than the Case-Shiller index. April’s figures for […]

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