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Higher market volatility should not preclude a rebound in DM equities

The Vix, a widely used measure of equity-market volatility, was in a systemic risk regime for 15 days this year, compared with just two days in 2014 and none at all in 2013, as shown by the chart below. This year’s experience of volatility is still not extensive in a historical comparison, but it still […]

The Pictet Entrepreneurs Summit

Introducing the Pictet Entrepreneurs Summit, the annual invitation-only conference at the crossroad of serial entrepreneurship, personal wealth, and social responsibility.

In conversation with Florence Cathiard

After successful careers in skiing, retailing and marketing, Florence and Daniel Cathiard sold all their business interests in 1990 and bought Château Smith Haut Lafitte, applying their skills to awakening a sleeping beauty.

Horizon: update of our expected returns from asset classes over the next 10 years

We have updated our estimates of expected returns in the new edition of Horizon. Expected returns for almost all asset classes are lower than in a historical comparison—in many cases substantially so. A traditional 60/40 portfolio (60% equities, 40% government bonds) would return just 6.9% annually with an innovation shock and 4.2% without, on our […]

The Power of Brands

Successful brands can generate consistent and superior shareholder returns, explains Mayssa Al Midani, Financial Analyst at Pictet Wealth Management.

Multi-Generational Wealth

The latest edition of Pictet’s Family Office Master Class took place in Singapore and gave new insights into family office experiences, challenges and solutions on how to further institutionalise and professionalise their setups.

In conversation with Gaia Gaja

The fifth-generation member of a distinguished Italian winemaking family is working with her father and sister to continuously improve the reputation of their wines which have achieved global recognition for their quality.

Equities: storm raging on the markets

The authorities in Beijing probably did not think the change in the way the exchange rate was fixed would detonate such an explosive correction on financial markets. The Shanghai Composite tumbled almost 27% in the week after that decision. It had already fallen 22% prior to that since mid-June. In China’s slipstream, the S&P 500 […]

In conversation with Innocent Drinks’ Richard Reed

Innocent Drinks, launched by three friends in 1999, is a socially and environmentally responsible company which produces healthy fruit drinks and supports rural development in countries that supply their ingredients.

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