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Political uncertainties weighing on the markets

One answer to cope with political uncertainty: diversification Comparing investors to tightrope walkers is obvious: both are constantly striving to perform a tricky balancing-act. When making decisions, investors are seeking to find the ideal balance between generating a good return and shouldering risk against a backdrop of uncertainties.The two crises involving Greece and China remind […]

In conversation with INSEAD Craig Smith

Consumer product companies may be penalised if they ignore customers’ concerns over sustainability issues and practices seen as socially irresponsible, according to a leading business school expert on corporate ethics.

The Entrepreneurs Series, Munich

In this edition of The Entrepreneur Series, we meet with Munich based entrepreneurs to establish how old school tradition of craft and local heritage meet unparalleled industrial design and tech field innovation.

The food, beverage and hospitality industry

The food and beverage industry is one that is highly favoured by many investors. Shares in its companies can offer attractive returns over the longer term, with less volatility than those of other sectors. Because of their non-cyclical features, food and beverage companies are often described as defensive investments that retain their value in good […]

Asymmetric asset-price targeting distorts financial markets

The third mandate of the Federal Reserve For several years in our Secular Outlook, we have highlighted a change in the way developed-country central banks conduct monetary policy – nowadays taking into account the price of both fixed and circulating assets. We describe this trend as targeting asset prices. The crisis of 2008 demonstrated that […]

Equity markets: bubble or not?

As P/E ratios reach new highs, Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management, explains why he believes central banks are sustaining the prices.

Perspectives: Special edition 2015

Jean Monnet, in the aftermath of the Great Depression and well before he made his central contribution to realisation of the European ideal, remarked: “People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognise necessity when a crisis is upon them”. Shock-waves from the two major systemic crises of the last decade […]

Investors having to cope with pressures on long-term interest rates

The merits of private equity Depending on the example taken, private equity (shares in unquoted companies) is seen as either an opaque and expensive investment for an unpredictable outcome, or as a safe and compelling investment that allows one to invest in known companies with a clearly identified economic function over which one exercises control, […]

Emerging debt is back in fashion

In this video, Christophe Donay, Head of Strategy for Pictet Wealth Management, explains why emerging debt could benefit from a temporary coincidental re-synchronisation of economic growth.

In conversation with Dennis Gassner

The Oscar-winning production designer, who is working on the next Bond movie at Pinewood Studios near London, describes the artistic nature of the role he has played in making iconic films over a 37-year Hollywood career. It is a key creative role in the making of a film or television drama, but it is little […]

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