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China faces a delicate rebalancing

China is going through a transition phase, and the Chinese authorities face a tricky challenge to avoid a crash, explains Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management.

In conversation with Ladurée’s David Holder

  Ladurée is a pâtisserie which opened in Paris in 1862 and has become famous for the macarons it now sells around the world. It was acquired in 1993 by Groupe Holder, which has expanded the business from its original base in the Rue Royale to a global chain operating in five continents. Today, under […]

Should investors focus on Developed or Emerging markets?

Emerging Market equities will suffer from a stronger dollar and lower commodities prices in comparison with Domestic Market equities, explains Alexandre Tavazzi, Chief Equity Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management.

In conversation with Mar Raventós

The oldest family business in Spain, which dates back more than 460 years, produced the first and the most famous brand of cava under the leadership of the founder’s descendants who are always striving to improve their wines.

Pictet on defensive equities

The food and beverages businesses in this issue of Pictet Report highlight the remarkable achievements of the entrepreneurs who have built them up — often over generations. But their success also reflects the characteristics of sectors that can offer attractive long-term returns with below-market volatility. Food and drink companies have been profitable sectors to invest in […]

In conversation with William Heinecke

The American-born founder of one of the largest hospitality and leisure groups in the Asia-Pacific region has faced many challenges since starting his first business while still at school, but continues to look for gaps in the market that he can fill. There are many wealthy entrepreneurs in Thailand, but one who stands out from […]

Political uncertainties weighing on the markets

One answer to cope with political uncertainty: diversification Comparing investors to tightrope walkers is obvious: both are constantly striving to perform a tricky balancing-act. When making decisions, investors are seeking to find the ideal balance between generating a good return and shouldering risk against a backdrop of uncertainties.The two crises involving Greece and China remind […]

In conversation with INSEAD Craig Smith

Consumer product companies may be penalised if they ignore customers’ concerns over sustainability issues and practices seen as socially irresponsible, according to a leading business school expert on corporate ethics.

The Entrepreneurs Series, Munich

In this edition of The Entrepreneur Series, we meet with Munich based entrepreneurs to establish how old school tradition of craft and local heritage meet unparalleled industrial design and tech field innovation.

The food, beverage and hospitality industry

The food and beverage industry is one that is highly favoured by many investors. Shares in its companies can offer attractive returns over the longer term, with less volatility than those of other sectors. Because of their non-cyclical features, food and beverage companies are often described as defensive investments that retain their value in good […]

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