Focus on performance

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The events of the last few years have provided a salutary reminder of the importance of performance in business and investment. As the global economy recovers from the financial crisis, it is clear that short-term performance in both fields
is no longer enough. The challenge is to create sustainable performance in a world where the definition of exactly what that means is broadening all the time.

In this issue of Pictet Report, we look at what performance is, how it can be measured and how it can be improved sustainably. We asked experts at INSEAD, the leading international business school, to outline what long-term performance, risk and control mean for different business models. We invited the entrepreneurs behind three successful companies to tell us what performance meant to them and how they had sustained it over the years. And for a different perspective, we asked one of the world’s most famous sportsmen how he achieved and maintained his remarkable record on the football pitch.

Finally, the Chief Investment Officer of Pictet’s Wealth Management sets out his thoughts on sustainable investment performance. Helping our clients in the art of managing their wealth over the longer term has been Pictet’s single-minded mission for over 200 years. We hope you will find this report stimulating and valuable in thinking about the performance challenges you face.

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