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Investor confidence has been shaken by the dramatic events of the last five years, while uncertainty promises to be a feature of the investment landscape for much of the next decade. For those bold enough to take on the challenge of navigating economic cycles that are likely to be more unpredictable than at any point since the Great Depression, a turbulent journey awaits.

At Pictet Asset Management, we believe there is a less volatile route to securing attractive returns – one that requires investors to look beyond the short-term shifts in the business climate and focus instead on the structural forces shaping our world. We call those forces megatrends, and they form the core of our distinctive thematic investment strategies.

In this edition of Pictet Briefing, which is based on the presentations given at our Megatrends conference in Geneva in September 2012, we seek to shed light on the demographic, geopolitical, environmental, economic and technological forces buffeting the globe; we also look at the ways in which these trends can be harnessed by investors.

We hope that, by the time you have read these articles, you will agree that investing in megatrends is a strategy for the next decade and beyond.