The family consilium

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I am delighted to introduce this account of our Seventh Family Consilium, which took place at the historic Gstaad Palace Hotel. Held for the first time in the Alpine summer, our 60 guests
included 30 families from across Asia, Europe and Latin America – with many from the younger generation.

The objective of the Consilium is to bring together international owners of large family businesses in an intimate environment to discuss topics that matter to wealthy families. This year, we made an effort to introduce greater diversity, including having more women on stage to change the ambience.

To take just three examples, we heard from Elif Shafak, the best-selling Turkish writer, on the importance of cities in human society. Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas introduced us to the concept of cyborgism, which merges technology with human bodies. Finally, comedian Shappi Khorsandi entertained us with cross-cultural observations on gender and society.

Our lives today are under pressure from a constant flood of information, from cellphones, emails and other media. It is vital to take time to think and learn about long-term trends that will affect us all in the future.

I hope, therefore, that you will find this summary both stimulating and enjoyable, but also rewarding.

Jacques de Saussure
Senior Managing Partner Pictet Group