Entrepreneur summit

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I am delighted to introduce this Pictet Briefing, which presents the highlights from Pictet’s first Entrepreneur Summit, held in Geneva in September 2014. This one-and-a-half day event was designed to bring together entrepreneurs to describe their different and unique journeys and speak about how they had solved the challenges along the way. It also provided an opportunity to discuss the new questions that arise once success is achieved. Entrepreneurs with over 26 different nationalities and from all five continents joined us for the Summit.

The programme started with a welcome from our Senior Partner, Jacques de Saussure, which was followed by sessions discussing the importance and nature of innovation. Some of the entrepreneurs shared their keys to success while others set out the decisions they had made after exiting from their businesses.

In the afternoon, the focus was on wealth creation vs wealth preservation and why the latter is sometimes more challenging for entrepreneurs. Private equity, public markets and different investment paradigms filled the afternoon, with financial and family governance wrapping up the day. Also, participants discussed the next big megatrends and the investment opportunities they were currently looking into.

The second day focused on philanthropy, sharing the achievements of entrepreneurs who had applied their business skills to solving global problems. The Summit concluded with an inspirational speech by the adventurer Sarah Marquis who has realised her dreams by walking across continents.

I hope that you will enjoy reading about the remarkable speakers at this unique event, and find their experiences stimulating.

Philippe Bertherat
Managing Partner Pictet Group