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The creative world of arts, crafts and entertainment is often seen as differing from more conventional business sectors. Yet as this issue of Pictet Report demonstrates, those who are successful in their chosen fields share many of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They work very hard, they are passionate about what they do, they pursue excellence – and they know that they must find customers and market themselves effectively.

To find out more about these remarkable people, we interviewed eight whose work appeals in different ways to the five senses through their food, music, art and craftsmanship. There is a chef who has won three Michelin stars, a talented orchestral conductor, a pioneering sculptor and painter,
an award-winning film production designer, an artisan jeweller and a designer whose artistic training creates unique products. There are also two individuals whose skills have brought great works to the public: a gallerist with a passion for Contemporary Art; and an auction house specialist who has brought Asian artists to global collectors.

The philanthropist featured in this issue is also an artist: Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, has applied his performance skills to helping street kids all over the world. He has created One Drop, an international initiative he launched to ensure that water is accessible to everyone.
Finally, careers in arts and entertainment can be lifelong and lucrative, but may in some circumstances be cut short by personal or external factors. So we include an article setting out how Pictet advises great stars on financial planning so that they can enjoy security in later life.
We hope that you will enjoy learning more about the talented individuals interviewed for this issue.

Rémy Best
Managing Partner
Pictet Group

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