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Health matters to all of us: we want to live longer and better lives as our standards of living rise. In this issue of Pictet Report, we take a look at some exciting developments in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and at new models for providing affordable and accessible healthcare.

The most significant factor in improving healthcare today is technological innovation – in particular, the falling costs of DNA sequencing and the enormous expansion of computer processing power. So much of this issue is devoted to interviews with exceptional entrepreneurs who are harnessing such developments to analyse data on a large scale, diagnose illnesses and select personalised treatments. Their products include wearable devices, home diagnostic machines, and smart products and apps which can help people take control of their own health.

Two physicians told us about new approaches they have devised to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. We spoke to a Swiss company that makes intricate titanium implants used to treat bone diseases such as osteoarthritis. And the Director of Geneva’s new Campus Biotech explained how he is bringing together different disciplines to find cures for diseases that have defeated large drug companies.

We also interviewed two entrepreneurs behind different models for providing healthcare in developing countries and emerging markets. And two Pictet analysts told us how innovation in healthcare has made the companies behind it attractive stocks for investors.

Finally, the philanthropist profiled in this issue is Seiji Ozawa, the distinguished Japanese conductor who has set up international academies to help talented young musicians realise their potential.

We hope that you will find this issue interesting – suggesting, as it does, that we are entering a new era in healthcare.

Rémy Best
Managing Partner
Pictet Group

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