The Pictet Group Annual Review 31 December 2016

The Pictet Group is proud to present its Annual Review of activites for 2016, covering Pictet Wealth Management, Pictet Asset Management and Pictet Asset Services.


We are pleased to introduce the Annual Review of the  Pictet Group for 2016 — my first as Senior Partner. After I assumed the role on 1 July last year, I was asked if Pictet’s strategic direction would change. The Senior Partner is, by tradition, chair and primus inter pares of  the board of partners, only assuming the position after a decade or two as a partner.

The thrust of our strategy is therefore towards continuity, solidity and stability: the conditions in which Pictet’s entrepreneurial spirit will thrive. These principles are more vital than ever with so much corporate activity in the asset and wealth management sector.

We are by no means immune to the profound changes in the financial industry, in society and in the wider world.  For example, automation and the digital revolution are changing how we communicate and work in ways that we could hardly have imagined. But, underpinned by our long-held values, I have no doubt that we have the talent, resources and services to adapt, and to exploit the opportunities ahead, to the enduring advantage of our clients.

Nicolas Pictet

On behalf of the Partners

Read full Annual Review here

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