Promoting Family Businesses

IMD and Pictet join forces to sponsor the 2019 IMD Global Family Business Award.

2019  Global Family Business Award – The nomination process is open

Pictet joined forces with IMD and is now proud to sponsor the 2019 IMD Global Family Business Award, a prestigious annual prize presented to a company that successfully combines family and business interests, tradition and innovation, while at the same time fully assuming its social responsibility.

The nomination process for 2019 has been launched, you may find out more on the award and criteria here.

Partnership between Pictet and IMD Lausanne

The IMD Global Family Business Center is based in Lausanne and has now been operational for more than 30 years. It was the first institute to focus on family businesses, their values, the principles they champion and their particular characteristics.

“As owners and managers, Pictet’s partners are themselves entrepreneurs, and the way we operate is similar to a family business. We understand their needs and speak the same language.”

Rémy Best, Managing Partner and joint Head of Pictet Wealth Management

In October last year, our partner Rémy Best awarded the Italian family group De Agostini, winner of the 2018 IMD Global Family Business Award, sponsored by Pictet.

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