About Perspectives

“Since 1805 Pictet has remained single-minded in its mission to advise private clients, families and institutions in the art of managing their wealth.”

More than 200 years after it was founded, Pictet ranks as one of Switzerland’s leading private banks and is among the most respected asset management specialists in Continental Europe. Even though we now have a worldwide presence and a global perspective, we retain the characteristics that have helped our clients to prosper over two centuries.

The most important of these are the continuity and independence created by a partnership whose owners stand personally and entirely liable for the bank’s commitments. From the outset, Pictet has focused solely on managing the wealth of private individuals and institutional  investors. We do not engage in any form of investment banking, and we do not issue any commercial, mortgage or unsecured loans.

We intend to keep it that way, upholding the values created in the past so that we can continue to create value far into the future. We look forward to working with you in a longlasting partnership in which it will always be your individual needs that  are at the centre of our endeavours.

We have created Perspectives to share our views on economy and markets and the underlying trends at force daily in the financial markets.