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Swiss start-up grows diamonds of exceptional purity

Physicist Pascal Gallo co-founded a company in partnership with Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology to create ultra-pure lab-grown diamonds for demanding high-tech applications, longer lasting watches and high-quality jewellery The reason for developing the lab-grown diamonds was a search for ultra-pure stones that could enhance the power of energy trans­mission using lasers. Diamonds have extraordinary […]

A premium mode of transport for urban commuters

Technological innovations offer a Swiss solution to modern traffic problems in the form of a powerful e-bike capable of long-distance, high-speed urban commuting with full connectivity modelled on global brands such as Tesla Switzerland may not feature on lists of the world’s leading carmakers, but it is home to the manufacturer of a state-of-the-art form […]

House View, May 2019

Asset Allocation There were no changes to our asset allocation in April. While we are encouraged by better-than-expected Q1 earnings and some improvement in earnings expectations, we remain neutral on global equities as we await new catalysts to justify current valuations. At the same time, we have a positive view of Chinese and Indian equities. […]

The year of the doves

With all major central banks now having turned dovish, we can expect the continuation of ultra-low global interest rates in 2019. This is a relief for markets, which have already rallied in response. The greater concern is whether global growth can make a comeback. César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet Wealth Management’s (PWM) Head of Investments & […]

House View, April 2019

Asset Allocation Although we expect the economic picture to brighten and the decline in earnings expectations to end, we have a prudent stance on global equities, as expressed in our decision to book some profits on global equities and to invest in put options on large-cap European and small-cap US equities. At the same time, […]

Promoting Family Businesses

2019  Global Family Business Award – The nomination process is open Pictet joined forces with IMD and is now proud to sponsor the 2019 IMD Global Family Business Award, a prestigious annual prize presented to a company that successfully combines family and business interests, tradition and innovation, while at the same time fully assuming its […]

House View, March 2019

Asset Allocation At current valuations, we remain prudent about global equities’ further potential, waiting for further clarity on economic and corporate growth before moving from our present neutral stance. At the same time, we remain confident that the central banks will continue to support markets. In Europe, fiscal policy is expected to give a marginal […]

House View, February 2019

Asset Allocation With expectations for earnings growth continuing to be ratcheted down, the recent rebound in equities owes a lot to the decline in valuations. We therefore remain neutral on equities overall. However, we believe central banks will be inclined to support financial markets this year and help ensure modest gains for risk assets. More […]

Cycling in the city

While it is an oft-repeated truism that biking is as good for your health as for the environment, only a very small proportion of the population has embraced a two-wheel lifestyle. In the EU for example, on average just 12% of people cycle every day, while 50% go by car and 16% use public transport. […]

“The Three Amigos”

After a difficult year for markets in 2018, with very few asset classes posting positive returns, we anticipate that 2019 will be a year when the “three amigos”— consisting of a bear, a bull and a kangaroo—stake out their territory in financial markets. In other words, we expect plenty of ups and downs—but also think […]

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