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2019 US-China trade outlook: major challenges remain

Following the Trump-Xi dinner on 1 December, there are signs of goodwill on both sides, leaving the impression that a ‘mini deal’ is possible before the 1 March 2019 deadline set by the US. This could push back the threat of additional tariffs in the very near term. But we think the devil will be […]

US-China trade update: G20 meeting preview

A new low point in trade tensions between the US and China was reached in September 2018 when the US placed an additional 10% duty on roughly USD200 billion of Chinese imports. However, since then, hints at a potential ‘détente’ have focused on the G20 summit in Buenos Aires at the end of November, with […]

Fresh tariffs should have limited impact on US economy for now

The Trump administration has announced new tariffs on USD200 billion of Chinese imports, initially at a rate of 10%, rising to 25% in January. This new wave of tariffs comes on top of the USD50 billion taxed over the summer at a rate of 25%. Trump has also threatened to impose levies on all remaining […]

Risk of trade war grows

The Trump administration has stepped up its trade actions further by increasing the net of Chinese imports that will be subject to US tariffs: on top of the USD50 billion of Chinese imports subject to a 25% tariff already announced, the US Trade Representative has prepared a list of a further USD200 billion of imports […]

China-US trade war on hold

Two weeks after the US-China talks in Beijing, the two countries held another round of trade negotiations in Washington DC on 17-18 May. After the meetings, delegations on both sides released a joint statement that was brief but constructive in tone. In essence, China has agreed to significantly increase its imports of American goods and […]

US-China trade tensions could last a while

Following on from President Trump’s announcement of a 25% tariff on USD50bn of unspecified imports from China, the US Trade Representative (USTR) last week detailed the list of China-made goods that will be targeted. China reacted swiftly by detailing its own list of counter-tariffs on USD50bn worth of imports from the US. Trump then escalated […]

Impact of recent tariffs on US and China’s GDP should be limited for now

The Trump Administration last week announced tariffs of 25% on USD 60bn worth of imports from China (out of USD 506bn of total Chinese merchandise imports). The list of products targeted still has to be thrashed out. The official aim is to sanction China for alleged theft of US firms’ intellectual property; the US Trade […]

US trade policy update – Eyeing China

After the tariffs on steel and aluminium, the Trump Administration’s attention now seems to be focused on China as the US’s merchandise trade deficit with China rose to a new high of USD 375bn in 2017. The trade hawks close to Trump – Ross, Lighthizer and Navarro – seem to be having an increasing influence […]