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After a distinguished career conducting famous orchestras all over the world, the Japanese maestro has founded international academies that help young instrumentalists develop their potential by playing chamber music. From a young age, Seiji Ozawa was destined for a career as a classical musician. Born in 1935 to Japanese parents in China, he made a promising […]

The Director of Geneva’s Campus Biotech is creating a new biotechnology and medical technology centre, bringing together different disciplines to find treatments that will save lives and improve the quality of life for patients. Since the beginning of modern pharmacology, the treatment of patients has relied on advances in medicine and biology to devise therapies […]

The food and beverages businesses in this issue of Pictet Report highlight the remarkable achievements of the entrepreneurs who have built them up — often over generations. But their success also reflects the characteristics of sectors that can offer attractive long-term returns with below-market volatility. Food and drink companies have been profitable sectors to invest in […]

Trained as a painter, the talented French artist designs furniture, lights, mirrors, jewellery and even for industrial design, breaking down traditional boundaries between art and design to the delight of his growing fan club. This is an exciting time for Hervé van der Straeten, who has applied his artistic skills to the design of many […]

A shoe store in Manila has grown into one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, with interests in retailing, shopping malls and banking that meet the needs of the country’s growing middle class. As a young child growing up in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Teresita Sy-Coson worked part-time in the family shoe […]

The renowned creator of giant sculptures and paintings featuring mathematical concepts, who grew up in difficult circumstances in a remote French village, continues to explore new artistic forms in his eighth decade. Many artists come from humble origins, but Bernar Venet’s were more humble than most. He grew up in a small village in south-east […]

The young Spanish maestro says that conducting a symphony orchestra requires leadership, generosity, a self-critical attitude and recognition of common interests which gives meaning to life and strengthens society. From her earliest days, Inma Shara knew that music would be a part of her life. Although she could hardly imagine herself ending up as a […]

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