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For Tyler Brûlé, the visionary behind two global publishing brands and an intelligence-driven design enterprise, being shot by a sniper while reporting in Afghanistan during the war in 1994 only served to fuel his devotion to journalism, the commercial value of intelligent editorial and his inherent business drive. Tyler Brûlé decided to launch his own […]

To celebrate the release of the 10th edition of Pictet Report, we are republishing a selection of articles taken from our archives dating back to 2009. Today, INSEAD professor of strategy and management Subramanian Rangan explains that, in a new era of sustainable performance in business, companies must embody considerations of justice, diversity and integrity, […]

Entrepreneurs find that investing their wealth requires very different skills to managing their business. An investment board can achieve better performance and bring peace of mind. As a quick browse in any airport bookshop will show, much has been written about the management of business. Entrepreneurs may have found some of this great collection of wisdom helpful, though most are naturally blessed with the skills and […]

The unique management model at Pictet is the result of more than 200 years of evolution. It is based on perpetually recreating the classic family of managing partners. It maximises the advantages of a business managed along family lines while avoiding its potential setbacks producing a model based on moderation, discipline and restraint. Next year […]

Transferring the entity to the next generation is one of the greatest challenges faced by family businesses. Our panel of leading academics met at INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau, France, to tackle this issue and bring insight into how succession, governance and philanthropy can be managed to ensure a smooth transition. Moderator Christine Blondel Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Co-director of The Family Enterprise […]

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