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Entrepreneur summit

I am delighted to introduce this Pictet Briefing, which presents the highlights from Pictet’s first Entrepreneur Summit, held in Geneva in September 2014. This one-and-a-half day event was designed to bring together entrepreneurs to describe their different and unique journeys and speak about how they had solved the challenges along the way. It also provided an […]

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Next generation seminar

Welcome to this edition of Pictet Briefing, which presents highlights from Pictet’s Next Generation 2014 seminar, held in Geneva in late August. It brought together a lively group of young people who are facing choices about their future responsibilities. To help in making these choices, the seminar devoted its first day to encouraging them to […]

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The family consilium

I am delighted to introduce this account of our Seventh Family Consilium, which took place at the historic Gstaad Palace Hotel. Held for the first time in the Alpine summer, our 60 guests included 30 families from across Asia, Europe and Latin America – with many from the younger generation. The objective of the Consilium […]

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The family consilium Asia

We have great pleasure in introducing this summary of the proceedings of our Sixth Family Consilium, the second in Asia, here in the historic city of Hangzhou, an outstanding centre of culture and one-time capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. In some ways we were fortunate to be able to open without mishap, having already had […]

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Investor confidence has been shaken by the dramatic events of the last five years, while uncertainty promises to be a feature of the investment landscape for much of the next decade. For those bold enough to take on the challenge of navigating economic cycles that are likely to be more unpredictable than at any point since the Great Depression, a turbulent […]

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Next generation Seminar

This Pictet Briefing presents the highlights from Pictet’s Next Generation 2012, the first of its kind, which the Bank held for the younger generation of investors in late August in Geneva. The idea was to give the younger generation a broad understanding of investment issues as a background to the choices they might be making in considering a new career, going […]

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The Family Consilium

The March 2012 edition of Pictet Briefing presents highlights from this year’s Family Consilium, an informal symposium held in the Swiss Alps over three days in March 2012. Once every two years, in a unique and intimate environment, Pictet brings together large business-owning families from around the world to discuss topics of strategic importance for […]

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Tangible success with tangible products

The latest of Monocle’s regular roundtable discussions involved Lyn Harris of Miller Harris perfumes, Simon Duffy of bulldog male skincare and Tom Hulme of IDEO, and highlighted, among other things, how even entrepreneurs within the same broad sector can develop very different, but successful, strategies.

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Services with a smile

The founders of four businesses discuss the factors behind their success in creating innovative services, in a discussion moderated by Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief of Monocle.

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