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Family brands

In the summer issue of Pictet Report, we feature some well-known heritage brands and the stories of the families still at their helm after having weathered global crises, wars and succession issues.

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Health and technology

Health matters to all of us: we want to live longer and better lives as our standards of living rise. In this issue of Pictet Report, we take a look at some exciting developments in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and at new models for providing affordable and accessible healthcare. The most significant factor […]

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The food, beverage and hospitality industry

The food and beverage industry is one that is highly favoured by many investors. Shares in its companies can offer attractive returns over the longer term, with less volatility than those of other sectors. Because of their non-cyclical features, food and beverage companies are often described as defensive investments that retain their value in good […]

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Art and entertainment

The creative world of arts, crafts and entertainment is often seen as differing from more conventional business sectors. Yet as this issue of Pictet Report demonstrates, those who are successful in their chosen fields share many of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They work very hard, they are passionate about what they do, they pursue […]

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Focus on Asia

Napoleon is reported to have said that when China awoke, the world would shake. This has proved prophetic: since turning outwards 35 years ago, the Chinese economy has grown at an unprecedented rate and is expected to become the world’s largest economy within the next two decades. Other emerging markets in Asia have also grown […]

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Made in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small land-locked country with around 8 million inhabitants, four official languages and a history as a federal republic dating back less than two centuries. Yet when the World Economic Forum published its annual Global Competitiveness Index earlier this year, Switzerland was in first place for the fifth successive year. In this issue […]

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Disruptive technologies

With economic growth slowing in developed markets, innovation is increasingly seen as the key to prosperity. Yet the market leaders of today are rarely the source of radical innovation in their sectors: it is entrepreneurs who devise the disruptive technologies of the future which fundamentally change ways of doing business. That is why many governments seek to promote entrepreneurship through […]

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As recently as the 1990s, the world of commodity trading was little known and attracted relatively small amounts of investment. Today, investors are pouring into commodities, diversifying their portfolios in search of higher yields and a hedge against inflation as countries struggle to return to growth after the financial crisis. Meanwhile, commodity trading houses have […]

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Philanthropy and social entrepreneurship

As the pace of change in the global economy continues to accelerate, new solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems are emerging. One important trend is the evolution of philanthropy, which used to largely take the form of passive donations to charities and foundations. Today, a new generation of entrepreneurs in both the […]

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Next generation

It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur, and young people today are in many ways ideally qualified to start and run businesses. Yet the retirement of the baby-boomer generation is raising troubling questions for many established owner-managed companies and older family businesses. They are finding that the next generation often remains to be […]

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