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Focus on boards

Managing performance successfully over the long term—in business and in wealth management—requires many different skills. That is why in so many walks of life, boards are created to bring together the range of talents needed to achieve optimal performance. This issue of Pictet Report looks at the role of boards and how they can contribute […]

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Protection and opportunity in alternative investments

This issue of the Pictet Report is based on our conference on Alternatives held in Zurich in late September. As in 2009 and 2010 we have brought together some of the leading experts and practitioners from the hedge fund and private equity industries. Their two days of debate took place against a backdrop of unprecedented […]

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Two years on: opportunities and risk in a post crisis world

This Pictet Report, based on our conference in The Hague, concentrates on investment opportunities in a post-crisis world. The sub-prime crisis blew up in mid-2008, but it was only when it exploded that—rather like nuclear power— some investors discovered exactly what they had bought. When Greece ran into trouble in February 2010, we no longer […]

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Focus on performance

The events of the last few years have provided a salutary reminder of the importance of performance in business and investment. As the global economy recovers from the financial crisis, it is clear that short-term performance in both fields is no longer enough. The challenge is to create sustainable performance in a world where the […]

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Alternative investments

It is a great pleasure to introduce this fifth Pictet Report, which draws on our second Alternatives conference held in Zurich in mid-September 2010. Now, as in 2009, we brought together a wide range of experts–both asset managers and investors–for two days of lively discussions and debate which are summarised in the following pages. The […]

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Focus on entrepreneurs

This report is about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. This unique group of business leaders employs millions of people and generates a substantial proportion of the world’s wealth. Entrepreneurs create successful companies that continue to grow and get passed down through the generations, often then becoming family-owned businesses. While having distinct advantages over public corporations, they are […]

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The family: governance and investment

We have great pleasure in introducing this third Pictet Report, which focuses on family governance and investment markets in the post-crisis era. These themes were discussed at a two- day informal symposium in the Swiss Alps which brought together families from around the world in late March this year. The following pages summarise a unique […]

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New perspectives on alternative investments

It is a great pleasure to introduce this second pictet report, which draws together insight, analysis and opinion from the world of alternative investments. we have called on a wide range of experts – both asset managers and investors – from around the world who contributed to two days of lively discussion and debate at […]

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Macroeconomics, markets and geopolitics after the crisis

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the pictet report, an occasional publication in which we address the issues of the day with an eye on the longer term. the themes for this, our first edition, examine how the great credit crisis will affect developed economies and markets; how it will affect global […]

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