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What to expect from central banks this year

Following the Fed’s recent dovish turn, we could expect other central banks to follow suit. However, according to Frederik Ducrozet, Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management, the ongoing trade tensions and idiosyncratic constraints facing central banks today could limit their room to manoeuvre. We expect the European, Japanese and Chinese central banks to contribute to rising […]

The “Three Amigos”

2018 was a difficult year for markets and according to César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet Wealth Management’s Head of Investments and CIO, 2019 will be a year in which the “three amigos” will have to coexist. The bull will appear in economic deceleration, the bear in a democratic recession and the kangaroo across market dynamics.

Multi-Generational Wealth, Singapore

In Asia, we are seeing a generational shift as the region’s wealth creators hand over stewardship of family wealth to their sons and daughters. As this second generation’s influence grows, the management of family assets and investments is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Over the years, Pictet has been a successful partner in helping both families and […]

In Conversation with Cesar Perez Ruiz

After a decade of protection from central banks, the markets are changing. But Cesar Perez Ruiz, Pictet’s chief investment officer, says this needn’t be cause for concern. During the Investment Summit, at Pictet’s headquarters in Geneva, he made the case for active management and strategic asset allocation as important contributors to healthy returns.

In conversation with Edward Luce

With geopolitical currents challenging the west’s long-standing liberal status quo, we live in an age of global uncertainty. But even as the world enters what has been described as a “democratic recession”, there’s cause for optimism. Edward Luce is The Financial Times’ US national editor; at Pictet’s 2018 Investment Summit he outlined how beneficial a […]

Pictet Investment Summit

The world is at a crossroads: while geopolitical tensions threaten to upend the established order, developments in areas such as healthcare and technology offer new vistas of possibility for humanity. Uncertainty may seem to be the order of the day but Pictet’s Investment Summit offered a more reassuring message. With more than 200 years of […]

US outlook after the 2018 midterms

Following the US midterm elections, Senior US Economist Thomas Costerg and Senior Cross-Asset Strategist Jacques Henry discuss the outlook for the US economy and markets.  

In conversation with Claus Kjeldsen

Consumers have today what Claus Kjeldsen, CEO of the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Cifs), calls a “liquid identity”. This means trying to classify consumers by age and gender is no longer effective, and so Cifs studies future trends and scenarios through the lens of social and behavioural science, economics and technology. At the fifth […]

Entrepreneur Summit

Uncertainty is becoming the norm in our fast-changing world and business owners and investors are looking for answers in how to turn volatility into opportunity. A range of solutions were discussed in detail at the fifth edition of the Pictet Entrepreneur Summit, held in Geneva at the end of August. A key takeaway from this […]

In Conversation With Alexandre Tavazzi

This year has clearly been defined by market volatility – and it feels a long way from the boom times of last year. But the message from Alexandre Tavazzi – a global strategist at Pictet Wealth Management – is that growth remains robust and investors simply need to be more nimble. He spoke from the […]

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