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Internet, reinventing business models

With the objective to create a community of interests in which some of the leading players in the business world share their experience, Pictet brings together entrepreneurs for regular company visits and debates. Six weeks ago, a selected group of entrepreneurs gathered at LeShop, Switzerland’s leading online supermarket founded by Christian Wanner and his partners. […]

Surprise moves to ease monetary policy

Here are this month’s headline news from around the world. Find more analysis and views in this month’s Perspectives, available for downloading. Most central banks in the emerging world have been easing monetary policy against a backdrop of diminishing inflationary pressures and less robust economic growth. India and Brazil both wrongfooted financial markets when their […]

US bonds: risks mounting

Financial markets are still in a hesitant frame of mind, alternating rally and correction phases depending on how powerful the effects of two quite distinct and opposing influences are on the global economic outlook. On the one hand, US banks and households are entering the closing stages of their orderly deleveraging drive, with the upshot […]

Europe a drag on the world economy

Deflationary forces continue rumbling menacingly in the background to developed economies. They stem from the significant deleveraging being pushed through, most strikingly in Europe which, according to our calculations, is probably running about 3 years behind the US in the whole process of dismantling the wall of debt. Deflationary pressures in Europe are being aggravated […]

Euro area: economic slowdown will test monetary union

Leaks of steam from the German euro area locomotive are likely to trigger additional worries on the future of the monetary union. Furthermore, weak German figures for the second quarter are likely to reinforce the impression that synchronic austerity measures in Europe are killing growth. This will certainly result in widening sovereign spreads within the […]

Jacques-Antoine Granjon: "My first motivation was freedom"

To celebrate the release of the 10th edition of Pictet Report, we are republishing a selection of articles taken from our archives dating back to 2009. Today, we are sitting down with Jacques-Antoine Granjon, one of France’s most respected entrepreneurs. His e-commerce company,, will soon be turning over €1bn a year. Predicting market trends, […]

The Entrepreneurs episode 31: an online marketplace for experiences, British fashion and craft, and French startups

Pictet Wealth Management is the proud sponsor of The Entrepreneurs, Monocle‘s weekly business briefing featuring the most inspiring people, places and ideas from around the world. We invite you to take this week’s show with you for the week-end! Starting off this week, we’ll hear from Gidsy, a Berlin-based startup that’s marketing itself as an […]

Neil Rimer: "We look for someone with a passion for solving a big problem"

To celebrate the release of the 10th edition of Pictet Report, we are republishing a selection of articles taken from our archives dating back to 2009. Today, we meet the co-founder of a leading venture capital that focuses on investments in start-up technology companies. A member of twelve boards, Neil Rimer partners with other entrepreneurs […]

United States: encouraging start for retail sales in the second quarter

With soft nominal retail sales headline figures, but slightly better than expected core numbers, yesterday’s set of data should be considered as modestly encouraging for consumption growth in Q2. Following a surprisingly strong figure in Q1 (+2.9% q-o-q annualised), less buoyant growth in consumer spending has to be expected in Q2. However, we bet on […]

The biggest source of alpha

The May 2012 issue of Perspectives is now available for downloading. We start previewing the articles of this edition with the opening column by Chief Investment Officer Yves Bonzon. Alpha can be defined as the extra return generated from actively managing an asset class compared to the return secured by straightforward passive-management exposure to an […]

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