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What can investors do in uncertain times?

While a global recession may not be imminent, we are clearly late in the cycle and economies and markets are not immune from accidents. Certain well-defined investment themes are particularly relevant at this juncture, argues Pictet Wealth Management’s head of investments.

Multi-generational wealth

Making sound investments and steering a company through today’s political and economic waters can be tricky. At Pictet’s 2019 European Family Master Class in Zürich, a line-up of eminent guest speakers and the Swiss bank’s own financial experts unpacked the world of geopolitics, business governance, economic forecasts, technology innovation and one’s responsibility – whether social […]

The era of economic slowbalisation

Sisyphus was punished by the gods by having to repeatedly roll a boulder up a hill after it rolled back down each time he reached the summit. Today, markets are subjecting the world’s central bankers to the same punishment. According to César Pérez Ruiz, PWM’s Head of Investments & CIO, “each time central banks attempt […]

Opposing Forces

Markets find themselves caught between opposing forces: on the one hand an ageing economic cycle and continued trade tensions; on the other, central banks intent on prolonging growth as long as possible, according to Christophe Donay, Chief Strategist and Head of Asset Allocation, Pictet Wealth Management. This tug of war, high valuations and evidence a […]

In Conversation With Cesar Perez Ruiz

Head of investments and CIO at Pictet Wealth Management, César Pérez Ruiz says that something has to give when it comes to investment in 2019. While he expects economic growth to uptick in the second half of the year, the current climate of markets moving out of fear and geopolitical uncertainty – in particular the […]

Multi-Generational Wealth, Nassau

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, from business interactions to the way we communicate in our private lives. Pictet’s 2019 edition of its annual Latam Family Office masterclass – which took place in Nassau, the Bahamas – delved into this topic around the central themes of geopolitics, families and the new power […]

What we are watching for now

Equity markets have reached new highs, extending the longest bull market in US history. However, César Pérez Ruiz, Head of Investments and CIO at Pictet Wealth Management, is conscious of complacency in markets and keeping protection on portfolios as tail risks remain. Geopolitical developments such as the potential escalation of Iranian tensions and drawn-out trade […]

The year of the doves

With all major central banks now having turned dovish, we can expect the continuation of ultra-low global interest rates in 2019. This is a relief for markets, which have already rallied in response. The greater concern is whether global growth can make a comeback. César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet Wealth Management’s (PWM) Head of Investments & […]

What to expect from central banks this year

Following the Fed’s recent dovish turn, we could expect other central banks to follow suit. However, according to Frederik Ducrozet, Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management, the ongoing trade tensions and idiosyncratic constraints facing central banks today could limit their room to manoeuvre. We expect the European, Japanese and Chinese central banks to contribute to rising […]

“The Three Amigos”

After a difficult year for markets in 2018, with very few asset classes posting positive returns, we anticipate that 2019 will be a year when the “three amigos”— consisting of a bear, a bull and a kangaroo—stake out their territory in financial markets. In other words, we expect plenty of ups and downs—but also think […]

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