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In conversation with Maxon Motor

Deep in the heart of alpine Switzerland, a family-owned engineering company makes small electric motors which are renowned all over the world for their technological innovation, quality and durability in even the most extreme conditions.

Three trends to follow – or not

In this video, Yves Bonzon, Chief Investment Officer at Pictet, presents the three consensus present in investors’ minds in May 2014.

In conversation with Fondation Beyeler

A unique collection of modern and contemporary art masterpieces, assembled over more than 50 years by a husband and wife team, has welcomed more than five million visitors since 1997.

Interview with François-Paul Journe

In less than three decades, the Geneva-based Frenchman has become famous among discerning collectors for timepieces which combine traditional Swiss quality with revolutionary innovation and exceptionally beautiful design.

Quality at bargain prices

After the current phase of consolidation of European indices, one of two things can happen. Either we exit this phase on the up, which seems unlikely without the big European names being involved. Or we return to renewed cyclical or political tensions, in which case quality stocks will benefit from their defensive characteristics. Either way, it seems wise not to offload large blue chips.

Interview with Helen and Vic Jacob (Suvretta House)

In an era when numbers have come to dominate the hospitality industry, a family-owned hotel high in the Alps offers outstanding personal service to guests who return year after year to enjoy its unique and peaceful location.

Interview with Mario Testino

The renowned Peruvian photographer Mario Testino has created a cultural institute in Lima to exhibit his work, celebrate the artistic heritage of his native country and provide a focus for his philanthropic activities.

Emerging-world uncertainties not holding developed markets back

We have described the current economic cycle as being driven by the technology sector and by innovation. In this respect it echoes the 1990s, which were marked by the growth of the Internet and the mobile telephone. Today, innovation is found on varied fronts.These include the transition from PC to mobile, robotics, the convergence of life sciences and technology, low-cost ‘big data’ processing, electric cars.

Interview of Tomas Prenosil (Confiserie Sprüngli)

An iconic family business in the heart of Zürich, established in 1836 and now in the sixth generation of its management, is famous across the world for its delicious Luxemburgerli truffles, pralines, tarts and pastries.

Back to the nineties

Yves Bonzon sees the US market no longer responding to QE moves by the Fed, suggesting that while a correction in equities and Treasuries may come in the summer, the year should still progress positively.

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