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Swiss start-up grows diamonds of exceptional purity

Physicist Pascal Gallo co-founded a company in partnership with Lausanne’s Federal Institute of Technology to create ultra-pure lab-grown diamonds for demanding high-tech applications, longer lasting watches and high-quality jewellery The reason for developing the lab-grown diamonds was a search for ultra-pure stones that could enhance the power of energy trans­mission using lasers. Diamonds have extraordinary […]

A premium mode of transport for urban commuters

Technological innovations offer a Swiss solution to modern traffic problems in the form of a powerful e-bike capable of long-distance, high-speed urban commuting with full connectivity modelled on global brands such as Tesla Switzerland may not feature on lists of the world’s leading carmakers, but it is home to the manufacturer of a state-of-the-art form […]

Style and status are hallmarks of high-end brands

Consumers increasingly spend more on luxury experiences and less on luxury goods, and are developing an appetite for novel benefits when buying high-end products and services When people talk about Swiss brands, they often think about the luxury products and services for which the country is justly famous – its watches, jewellery, chocolates and deluxe […]

Strong Swiss growth lessens chance SNB will act

Swiss real GDP growth data surprised on the upside in Q2, expanding by 0.6% q-o-q (and 2.5% q-o-q annualised). In addition, growth in the three previous quarters was revised significantly higher. As a result, our GDP growth forecast for growth in Switzerland rises mechanically from 0.9% to 1.5% for 2016. GDP breakdown by expenditure component […]

Switzerland: Fourth quarter GDP surprises on the upside

Swiss GDP surprised on the upside in Q4, driven by robust consumption. Looking ahead, our scenario for the Swiss economy remains unchanged. For 2016, we expect Swiss GDP to expand by 1.1% and headline inflation to average -0.6%. The 0.4% q-o-q rise in the Q4 figure came after a downwardly revised Q3 figure of -0.1%  q-o-q. For […]

Swiss inflation: in negative territory, but no sign of a deflationary spiral

According to Swiss Federal Statistical Office, consumer prices in Switzerland remained broadly stable at -1.3% y-o-y in January, in line with consensus expectations and thus marking the seventeenth consecutive month in negative territory. Core inflation (headline CPI excluding food, beverages, tobacco, seasonal products, energy and fuels) was stable at -0.9% y-o-y in January. The breakdown […]

In conversation with Victorinox

The family company which started making knives for the Swiss army more than a century ago is now run by the great-grandson of the founder — having diversified from knives and cutlery into timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances.

In conversation with Actelion

The co-founder and Chief Executive of Europe’s largest biotech company, which has pioneered a series of innovative drugs, says that Switzerland is to pharmaceuticals what Paris and Milan are to the fashion industry.

Swiss monetary policy: toward negative interest rates?

We believe the Swiss National Bank will remain pragmatic and wait to see if the franc rises markedly against the euro – which is far from sure – before reacting. Then, the answer may be to follow suit and also push rates into negative territory, or the SNB may choose to start purchasing foreign currencies once again. Both […]

In conversation with Maxon Motor

Deep in the heart of alpine Switzerland, a family-owned engineering company makes small electric motors which are renowned all over the world for their technological innovation, quality and durability in even the most extreme conditions.

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